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    Kelco Roofing

    A top notch commercial roof inspection performed by the experts at Kelco Roofing

    Realtors and buyers can depend on Kelco Roofing for transactional roof inspections in Atlanta.

    We provide evaluations and analyses, document necessary repairs, and roofing materials condition, roofing history. A bad report will take your dream property off the market faster than anything else. Before making an important purchase, consider whether you need to buy a warranty. Get a thorough roof checkup and learn more about the building you’re about to buy. A bad roof inspection usually indicates other issues with a property, such as structural damage. Key points to an inspection:
    • General Condition & life Expectancy
    • Excessive Granule Loss
    • Ponding Water/Clogged Gutter
    • Dented Vents and Damaged Gutters
    • Signs of Leaks
    • Recommended Repairs

     Kelco Roofing’s Quality Inspections

    Our services offer nothing but a stress-free process for commercial property owners.  Get an inspection as soon as possible!